Notice of acquisition of Springfield Noire IP

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Recently, I was reminded of something I'd considered doing nearly two years ago, and I finally decided "why not ask Gordon?" So I did, and as a result...

I've acquired the rights to Springfield Noire.

While I do intend to develop my own take on the idea, this isn't a formal mod announcement, but instead a notice of my intentions and brief showcase of the work I've done so far on an updated model for Morgan Brown.

Character Model

I don't plan to begin full development for a while, but if anyone's interested in throwing their hat into the ring, it would be great to have some extra hands on deck to make sure this is the best mod it can be. I think there's some real potential in both the concept and the near blank slate available with the character.

I don't know yet exactly what roles will need to be filled, but testers are an inevitability, and I'll also probably be looking for a Story Team and Character Designers somewhere down the line as well. If you consider testing, one of the other two fields, or even something I haven't mentioned to be one of your strong suits, please feel free to drop a reply here in order to be considered when I start organizing a crew.
I'd be glad to help test, or assist with... any other task that I can help with.
Well, that's really unexpected. I thought SNoire was pretty much left in the past, but I wish the best of luck to anyone who gets envolved in this new project.
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This is gonna be interesting to see 👀, already, the model looks so much better than the original one, heh
I really, really wish you luck! I believe you'll have enough time, nerves and most importantly, professionalism required to finally complete the mod that took two modding groups down
Will be looking forward to playing it :)
If you want, you can hit me up as a tester, as I don't want to touch SNoire development-wise ever again

(oh and, if anybody's wondering - yes, the post says the truth, the rights now belong to Homer. I'd insert a screenshot here but I'm too lazy to open Discord)
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Bewitched Springfield rip-off version when?