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This post is regarding our recent implementation of the Swear Filter. For the full changelog, you can check out this topic:
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Website Patch Notes: Version 21.1 - 21.1.4
Jake made this topic 2 years ago
Today we're going live with another website update. This is the first major update of 2021, with some much needed trust & safety buffs and additional functionality for topics.
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Donut Team's Swear Filter currently censors the following languages:
- English (United States)
- English (Worldwide)

We're currently not looking for help with other languages as the swear filter is still in beta.

Donut Team's Swear Filter censors the following types of words:
- Controversial acronyms
- Controversial political figures (Mostly from the United States)
- Political Slurs (Most common in the United States)
- Internet related terms that are not appropriate for users under 18
- Sexual or otherwise inappropriate language for users under 18
- Common swear words
- Derogatory language and slurs

Community Health is one of our top priorities in 2021. This is why we've made the controversial decision to temporarily block certain phrases or terms from appearing on the website. The general idea is by limiting these phrases or terms during heated or controversial times in the community, we can defuse the situation from continuing for the time-being while we develop new plans to resolve these issues.

The list of temporarily banned words is not be public, however I'm sure at least one of you has taken notice of a currently banned phrase. If you encounter a blocked phrase, you may contact for more information as to why it has been temporarily blocked.

The Swear Filter is still a work-in-progress and you will see some areas of the website either unaffected or censoring incorrectly. Implementing it into 21.1 was an important milestone for us development wise and was released so users can report issues.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Thanks Jake 😀