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Level 7 restoration

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What is this mod?

This mod is an updated version of kenny giles rich side restoration but replacing the l4 region files with the l7 region files. This is meant as a base for other mods and as such the only difference is the map, all missions etc have been kept the same.

Anything in the rich side is all kennys work. I mostly just replaced the region files and fixed up the plant and school area as needed, this made it so models like the pumpkins or the church/school were the proper ones for level 7. The music at the top of the Kwik-E-Mart has also been restored. Nothing has been touched in the rich side as of yet

Special thanks:

kenny giles for making the base of this mod and giving me permission to improve upon and rerelease it
Adelaide and Valkyrian for helping me test the mod and generally being awesome people


Updated plant entrance. This actually took a while and i'm pretty proud of it
Removed barrier at school Barriers suck anyways


My childhood is now complete!
Aye awesome work!
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2 yrs ago (Statistics)
Now need to wait for this level to be implemented to next fully connected map mod.
[deleted user]
2 yrs ago (Statistics)
Needs a couple of screenshots, but a great mod nonetheless
Nice work!