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Local Split Screen Co-op

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As the title says, I suggest the idea of simply being able to play throughout the whole campaign with 2 players locally and wishing that it becomes real someday

Now I am aware of the Online Multiplayer thing out there but that's not the same as experiencing the full game and its campaign.

Some can say that it is not really needed to have 2 Local Players and could be a bit of a slight handicap to an extent but I suggest this because I think it would be a really Really funny idea, I could play this through parsec with one of my personal buds and have a laugh at the shenanigans as we try to beat the game's campaign together

Maybe we can get to explore the maps while being split and looking for collectibles especially when we get to the mission ones that we have to get out of our cars and go get them, we can play the races and it would count as a win if either one of us reaches the goal, it would make missions such as that one vehicle that needs to be damaged a lot in order to beat it.

I just think it would be a really fun and stupid idea and a sweet way to introduce some people to this game even if it might not be the way it was intended.

Also, I apologize if my English isn't the best.
This was always a dream of mine as a child tbh, it feels unrealistic that someone will make it as a mod, seems hard lol. However, the connected map was a dream of mine as a child and now that exists so we'll so lol. Playing it splitscreen would be insanely fun in my opinion and some people designing mission packs specifically made to be completed co-op could be cool. Even if this split-screen idea never comes to fruition, I think that just adding the ability to play missions in SHAR online would be almost as cool if not cooler
I'm fairly sure that multiplayer/co-op isn't a priority for DT right now. So we could be waiting a very long time, but even so, I agree and think this would be a neat concept.

(If you're that desperate you could bribe lucas with 900 dollarydoos)
My cousin always told me it was possible when we were kids, the little liar. Always wanted to do try it with my brothers.
I'm aware of how late I am and honestly I think this would be really cool, two players seems like an idea amount and honestly this is all I wanna do with the game now