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City Bus

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Hello there!

I reskinned Level 1 traffic school bus into city bus. Unfortunately I couldn't find a prototype from the show, so design is fully generic.
Skin isn't perfect, but this is a model issue.


Feel free to use in your mods, just credit the author.
Very cool looking.
It does look a bit like the 'Seniorville Trolley' bus for the retirement home. Basically a bus body on a pickup truck chassis. As far as city transit buses in Springfield, older episodes show early 1990s looking high floor buses, though in the episode Changing of the Guardian, a GM "Fishbowl" bus is shown nearly hitting Dr. Hibbert. I was surprised they got the styling accurate, right down to the half-teardrop window behind the driver. Those would be 40' buses, and I think your shorter bus fits SHAR better to be honest.
um... I wanted to drive this... But this not mod, again