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[Experimental] Unusual Post Patterns

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Today we're launching an experimental feature to help auto-moderate the forum.

Unusual Post Patterns is a new way for us to automatically suspend a user temporarily when unusual posts are being made by this user. This means if someone makes a post that falls far outside the realm of what is expected on Donut Team, we'll temporarily take action to ensure a positive community and make sure the user's account has not been hacked or hijacked.

Posts will be successfully submitted, but will be unavailable to the general public until a moderator manually reviews it. Moderators can find them in the "DELETED TOPICS" section or as a deleted reply on a thread.

If for some reason your post falls within "Unusual Post Patterns", which is highly unlikely in its current stage, you can contact Donut Team Support or wait the one day temporary ban. In most cases, we should review your case before the 24 hours is up.