Does Level 7's Bonus Mission have a bug?

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The Bonus Mission of Level 7, from Mr. Smithers in front of the Kwik-E-Mart (or Spook-E-Mart). After completing his Bonus Mission, the blue circle location point of where he is found on the radar is not cleared off (the exclamation mark above his head is, however), and he does not disappear from the area at all. I assume his Bonus Mission can be played again too... Though I've never tried this.

Odd... Normally the Bonus Missions are played and completed only once, unless you have the "Replayable Bonus Missions" setting turned on from Lucas's Mod Launcher tool. I think all the other Bonus Missions (from Level 1 to Level 6) work perfectly fine, so it seems to be just Level 7's Bonus Mission having this bug where it doesn't vanish after finishing it.

Although (luckily), it looks like the bug was fixed in the PC version. So... Does that mean it's only the console ports of Simpsons H&R having this issue?

Plus, there's another little issue from what I've discovered recently. I started Level 7's Bonus Mission again with the Replayable Bonus Missions feature active, and sometimes, the "[ENTER] Start Mission" and "[ESC] Cancel" text do not appear at the bottom of the screen when talking to Smithers to begin the mission, leaving both the top and bottom black borders empty... Creepy!
Its an issue that has been said to occur within "early copies of the PlayStation 2 and GameCube releases" for years now. Whether or not the game had any subtle re-releases on console that fixed the issue or if its present on all copies is unknown, I believe. I personally have had it occur on a PAL Xbox copy. The issue with the dialogue box options is actually an effect I don't remember and happens rarely in all versions of the game in seemingly random dialog stages so I think that might've just been a very lucky coincidence, though who really knows?

I'd be interested to know more about why this bug even occurs at all someday.
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