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What Simpsons episode did the Open Wheel Race Car appear in?

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Just my guess if this vehicle was in the TV show too, doesn't mean I've watched every episode of The Simpsons, nor remember them all myself.

By the way, Open Wheel Race Car is my #1 favourite vehicle in The Simpsons: Hit & Run game. All other vehicles are good in different ways as well though, but this one has always been pinnacle for me. :)

NOTE: Sorry for posting another topic like this after my previous one quite recently. I do try to keep mostly quiet.
In no episode of the Simpsons does he appear
This may possibly be the formula 1 racing car Bart said he'd sell his soul for before changing his mind, from the episode, Treehouse of Horror IV (deleted scene) see, "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" However it looks slightly different. It also has appeared in How I Spent My Strummer Vacation being owned by one of the Rolling Stones members

Quote from a Simpsons Wiki page.
While it seems most likely it’s origin comes from Strummer Vacation based on the Wiki page Addy linked, the mention of the race car from the deleted scene in Treehouse of Horror IV is interesting.

Perhaps that line might have influenced the choice to place it in Level 7 to better fit the Halloween theming? The Open Wheel Race Car is otherwise the one reward car present in Level 7 that doesn’t quite fit the more abstract/Halloween cars. There’s also the Hover Bike present in Level 7 as well, but it’s the only bike-based vehicle in the entire game (which perhaps might have influenced the decision to place it in Level 7).

This is widely speculative however as I also realize the other Street Race reward cars either don’t fit the character or don’t fit the environment they’re given in (Homer winning the Electaurus in Level 1 or Bart winning the 36 Stutz Bearcat in Level 6).

It’s probably a happy accident given the lack of a visual appearance in ToH IV, but interesting nonetheless!

EDIT: I should also clarify that I was not considering Bonus Mission reward vehicles as well when writing this post, but the game otherwise lacks a horror-themed character that has chemistry with Homer who would work nicely in the Level.