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Wasps in Level 3

Posted in Donut Mod
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Hi! I'm new to the forum, and to mod communities in general, and I wanted to say, first of all, that I love what you guys are doing with the game. I found this site one day that I was feeling nostalgic and wondering how come we are not getting a remake or a sequel or something for SHAR, it was such an awesome game. Anyways, so I played Donut mod 3.2.3, I loved the new expanded missions, the ones from level 1 made the narrative feel like it made so much more sense, the ones in level 2 are also fun, I loved the "race" in which you had to pick up paper for Ralph and deliver it in the mailboxes... Overall it made the game feel new and refreshing for a veteran like myself who has played it more than a few times LOL.

Anyways, to the point, I tried finding all the collectibles in all the levels, and I'm now on Level 3, missing only 2 WASPS, and I've gone through the entire map a few times and it's becoming a little frustrating xd so I would appreciate if someone could give me a hand somehow (maybe there's a map of the location of the wasps?). If you guys would accept some feedback, the only element of this mod that I found a little annoying is the amount and location of the Wasps, I feel like 40 are way too many, and some of them are placed in spots of the map that lack any interest other than hiding a wasp there, making it really difficult to think "hey, I should check if there's something here". I think it's a good idea to replace collectibles and add new ones, but their placement IMO needs to make sense from a gameplay perspective, they need to make you explore the map and pay attention but without necessarily feeling completely random. One of the duff cards in the first level also felt kinda unfair, the one at the nuclear plant entrance.

Anyways, thanks to the developers for coming up with this amazing mod out of pure love for the game, the fans out there that are still waiting for a sequel/remake/something appreciate it.
Hey there! Glad to hear you enjoyed playing through the mod despite the small headaches with the additional collectibles.

Yeah, the mindset at the time when placing the Wasp Cameras around in Donut Mod was that we wanted to make use of the areas of the vanilla maps that aren't normally used. The idea behind that was to give veterans new reasons to explore without being limited to the 7 Collector Cards (as there's no way to increase that limit at the time of this writing), while also offering more opportunities to make Coins. However, I can see how it feels a bit excessive (especially since Donut Mod 3 and 4 do not require that the player invest in any rewards to progress with the Story Missions), and it quickly turns the maps into a 'check every place' rather than feeling like a natural reward for exploring areas. The feedback is appreciated!

I'm afraid at the moment there isn't any sort of map available that shows all the current Wasp locations, but using Lucas' P3D Editor 4 they can quite easily be obtained. I can potentially grab it if you'd like.

Again, many thanks, and hope you enjoy the other mods here as well!
Thanks for the response! I ended up finding them by myself, but I appreciate the offering. One of them was near a house in the Bowling area and the other one was hiding on top of a cliff near the Krustylu studios. That last one was a good one, it felt satisfying to check that place out and find that there was indeed something hiding there because it's a very singular location. The one next to a house... It's just a house among many other similar houses, you go past it constantly and the only reason you might miss the wasp is because it doesn't spawn unless you get close enough to it. And I'm looking forward to try out the other mods when I have a little time!