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Easiest way to access the teleportation menu without using

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Hello everyone, I saw a gameplay of the teleportation menu without using, thank you hady for the teleportation menu code, here is the teleportation link to make it easier.
they must replace the number 0 with the number 1 and voila now it will be accessible

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credits to Addy
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Hey there! Welcome to the forums! Hope you don't mind, but I merged the two posts you made since they were made relatively close to one another.

It actually took me a slight second to figure out what this file was for and thought it was meant to give a general guide on how to use the teleportation menu with the recent source leak, but it actually seems that isn't the case and this is a pre-built XML file for use with Cheat Table?

While I think it's probably wise to not go ahead and bump the thread, I feel a proper link to Addy's original thread would be greatly appreciated and to help others understand the context. For those curious, here is the link to Addy's original thread explaining how to access said unused teleport menu in the retail PC release. The file above is a pre-made CT file that will allow you to access the Teleport Menu without having to create it yourself.
I say thank you