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Lucas' Pure3D Editor Model XML Format Blender Add-on but I tweaked it to work with blender 2.9+ (now also supports 3.2.2+)

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I made some tweaks to Lucas' XML blender add-on so it would work properly on newer versions of blender. I didn't post about it on forums waiting for the tool to be officially updated. But now it's been more than 2 weeks so I decided to upload tweaked add-on here.

Any chance of an update for 3.2.2?
Any chance of an update for 3.2.2?

Thanks for pointing that out. I edited the link which now leads to a 3.2.2+ compatible version
Thank you for the update :)
I cant install the plugin!
Looks like importing XMLs with vertex colours is broken on 3.5.1 now.

Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/craig/.config/blender/3.5/scripts/addons/io_scene_lucas_pure3d_editor_model_xml/", line 45, in execute
    return import_lucas_pure3d_editor_model_xml.Load(self,Context,**self.as_keywords(ignore=("filter_glob",)))
  File "/home/craig/.config/blender/3.5/scripts/addons/io_scene_lucas_pure3d_editor_model_xml/", line 188, in Load
    if not Colours[Loop.vertex_index] is None:
IndexError: list index out of range

Any chance this can be fixed?