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The Simpsons Hit & Run Return (Remake) | Update - Main menu almost finished.

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Hello everyone, like my first post I proceed to use a translator since I do not speak English, I hope you can understand everything.

I have not had much time to work on this project but little by little I have modeled and programmed almost the entire main menu. I know there is still a long way to go before it becomes a playable demo, but I hope I finish this project no matter what.

Recently a youtuber made a recreation of the game in unreal engine and uploaded it to his channel, I understand that he uploaded and shared a link to download it and that due to copyright issues they deleted said link and they even prohibited uploading it again. And it wasn't even as ambitious a project as this one, but it received so many views in its video that this got into the hands of Disney? (I don't really know who has the rights to the video game). With this I want to arrive at that if this project one day becomes as popular as that one, I will have to work a long time without sharing absolutely anything until the moment comes when I can share something playable with them and not lose my effort in this project.

I have decided to leave the original rights at the beginning of the game hoping that this will allow the project to go much further.

I have almost completed the modeling of all the objects that are in the main menu, some like the wasp do not convince me yet, so I will change them soon.

Also redesign some things in the interface that do not agree with the game and that are not consistent with what we have today in other video games, but always keeping the essence of the original game.

All the images, paintings, textures that have any .png image like this newspaper in the loading menu, or like scratchy and dynamite I have remastered them from 0 and I will do it with each image of the game that I have to include, just as I did at the time for the cover that you can see in my first post.

Finally, I would like to thank the people who have asked me about discord and instagram about the project and who have given me support and advice.

Goodbye and see you when I have more progress.
It looks very good I hope you continue like this and than we can play this in the future
looks real good
This is looking awesome.
omg it's so gooooood! I wanna play this
WOW I love this project please continue
Se ve muuuuuuuy impresionante. Tengo muchas ganas de jugarlo
GOOD¡ my friend
Looks good, hopefully it doesn't have to be taken down due to copyright like Reuben Ward's remaster. Don't shoot the messenger