How can I create my own missions in SHAR?

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Hello everyone, it's me again, someone would be very kind to show me how I can create my own missions in SHAR? is that out of nowhere I wanted to do this XD, greetings.
Hey there again!

You’re not asking out of nowhere. It’s a very exciting prospect to mod the game after realizing you can and I can understand the excitement.

We do have a Tutorial tag available here on the forums, but they’re not categorized in particular way and some are a wee bit old. However, this thread perhaps has the most up to date video tutorials available for the basics, and others exist online as well. Text only tutorials are a bit more scarce, but the documentation, video guides, and other threads should help.

Hopefully this should help you figure out how to set everything up to get started on mission making! Otherwise, I’d advise checking the Discord since we have a a live channel for troubleshooting and assistance for setting up mods.
Thank you very much, take a look at the links and they will help me a lot, it will be a long way but I think it will be worth it. Thanks again, greetings.