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Could someone plz shrink homer a little when he's in the roofed family sedan?

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His head pokes through the roof, bouncing around.. Menacingly!!
1. Go to scripts/cars
2. Open famil_v.con (with Notepad++ or similar)
3. Find the line SetHasDoors(1);
4. Make a space under that line and put SetCharacterScale(0.9);
5. If he's still too big, change the 0.9 to 0.8
Hey, thanks!. Would it make him smaller all the time though? Like even when he exits the car? And would it distort his animations in the car? Cheers!
Nah, he will be normal size, The same script is used for the rocket car and the RC car in order to get homer to fit into them and he exits the vehicle full size.
Same goes for animations as his whole body is being shrunk and not specific parts of it.
So it won't make Homers hands clip through the steering wheel or something? :)
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2 yrs ago (Statistics)
I haven't shrunk him in that car so that might be the case, however Hit and Run has almost no consistency when it comes to modelling and you are always going to have silly things like mesh clipping happen whether you shrink him or not. In most cases you have to sacrifice something in order to get the other thing to work.
Yeah I thought that'd be the case. I'll probably just stick with the roofless car, Thanks for your help :D