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Bart's School Day: DEMO release

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Hi there, this is my new mod. Bart's School Day.

This was a mod that started development over a year ago and the last time I looked at this mod was sometime in April 2020. Due to what was going on at the time and me wanting to focus and finish school, I never found time to work on this and sort of hit a wall of ideas and never really knew what I wanted to implement for the side-content and the last mission. Recently, I wanted to carry on with working on this mod and I have a fairly vague idea of what i want to see in this mod for the side content and the last mission.

However, in the meantime, I was told that it would be a good idea to release the mod as a demo and to get feedback on it before carrying on with the development of this mod. At this moment in time, I don't know if I'll release this mod in stages, where I'll implement side content first, get feedback, then carry on, or release the mod in full and get feedback from the full version and basically fix/improve the mod in various ways.

Now, enough of the talking, let's talk about the details for this mod.

"It's another school day in Springfield, but this time Bart can drive, do what Bart does best and skip classes and cause havoc around Springfield"

Features for the DEMO:
  • 7 playable missions (including the tutorial mission)
  • Unlock-able costumes for Bart
  • Buy the El Carro Loco, Ferrini-Red and Globox Villain Car from Jimbo in the school playground
  • Halloween Honor Roller available from Gil near the bridge, HAPPY HALLOWEEN (Halloween Honor Roller made with the Simpsons Hit and Run model of the Honor Roller)

Download Bart's School Day DEMO here

*Please note:
No street races or bonus missions work, missions and other variables like unlockables may change between now and the final release
Very good mod. But there are a couple of things I would like to highlight.

  • In "Hip To Be Pranked" the music does not repeat, as there is about 0.3 seconds until the song repeats.
  • I couldn't finish the mission "Springfield Circuit 1" even after doing a full circle around the city. I had to resort to the F10.

Even so, this mod is quite good and recommended, and I suppose that my mistakes are because I am playing it in the Spanish version of the game (with the international support patch).
I liked playing this mod, very cool! The plot/missions are nice and simple and the custom music was a brilliant touch! I noticed that some of the item hitboxes were a bit small (including the triggers in Springfield Circuit which also lack a visual cue on top such as the carsphere), but those are small fixes.
I've just not got the chance to play this mod & here is my feedback!
The story was great, it was rather simple & easy to keep the track of, I love mods like this.
I have however few suggestions for you and what you could improve for the final version. I think you could definitely make the AI Chase vehicles a little harder to escape from. For the first 3 of them at least, they hit one traffic vehicle & you can easily lose them, comapred to Skinner that was kind of hard to lose. Give them more mass, & a longer proximity!
One thing about the racing mission (I see you used soundtracks from Cars: Mater National / Race o Rama. Believe me or not, I used to listen to the very same soundtrack when racing in multiplayer!) you could make the volume of the music just a little louder! And for some reason my radar did not display the checkpoints, not sure if it is intentional, so I'm letting you know in case it isn't.
Last thing, as @Addy said, you should work a bit on the triggers, set them to something like (4, 4, 4).
I personally enjoyed playing this mod & there's a lot of potential to it. I do hope this feedback also helps you! Can't wait to see the final thing.

Hi there, thanks for checking out the demo and thanks for leaving some feedback in the comments. I hope you have enjoyed the demo.

So, let's get down to business, the pointers that were given to me to improve on the mod have been recognised and are in the process of being addressed. I can tell you that at this point in time, the one issue that has been addressed is the lack of visual way points in the mission "Springfield Circuit". They have been added to the mission and I'm not gonna lie, I don't understand why they weren't there in the first place.

Mission 7, "Pranksters Paradise", is now in development, at the time of posting this is almost done, with about 3 stages left until it has finished. I would love to discuss what this mission has in offer, but I don't want to spoil it.


The bonus mission/Street races are now in planning at this point in time, whilst I finish off mission 7 and improving previous missions, these missions are something that I do want to address though.
First, there will only be one more street race, this side mission will be a harder version of "Springfield Circuit", this street race will be named "Springfield Circuit 2" which will have you to talk to Ralph to start this mission. The other two street races will be made into more bonus missions, so I hope you look forward to that.

Second, the wager race mission I was thinking of it either being a demolition derby type mission, or a Crazy Taxi/Road Rage type mission.

Final point:

I hope this update is able to communicate to you the ideas I have for the final version of this mod, of course, some of these ideas are subject to change. But this is the current path this mod is going down at this moment in time.

In the meantime, please check out the demo version and if there are any other points that people want to bring up for me to improve for the final version, please let me know on this thread or on Discord if you're on the Donut Team server on Discord. My username there is the same as it is on here Tomsun 02. Really, wherever you want to leave feedback leave it here or my Dms. Thanks for reading this rather lengthy message. Please enjoy the demo and I will update you on any further information in the future.