Road Rage Returns extend?

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Yeah, how about expanding the Road Rage Returns mod, with more levels, missions and unlockable vehicles (like get the Canyonero vehicle to use outside of missions, for instance, since that's only playable during a mission)? And maybe unlock the Nuclear Bus (Hit & Run chase car) to use, too?

By the way, I never played the official Simpsons: Road Rage game itself at all before, so I don't know if Snake's Level 3 in this mod is the last one of the story. I just thought is it possible to see where it left off after his level has been finished, and how the story concludes with saving Springfield from Mr. Burns.
Revisiting Road Rage Returns is definitely on our to-do list. We don't currently have a timeframe for continued work on the mod, but it's absolutely something we intend to do.
Theirs A E3 XBOX Beta That Has That

So It Should Be Possible
The plans for RRR was to restart the project and enhance all missions, levels and art. Those have seemingly been abandoned and likely won't come out for a long time.