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Why can't I play the game?

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It says something about skins and cars, even when I have no downloaded mods enabled.
Hey there!

Apologies, but could you use something such as Imgur in combination with something such as the Snipping Tool to screenshot what your Launcher looks like? I'm not familiar with anything that would cause an error like that to pop up, assuming the user is using the Launcher straight out of the box to play the game.

If your 'General' Mods tab looks something like this, then you should have no mods that modify the base game content enabled.

Hopefully that helps a bit.
I have mods installed, but this error pops up even when I have them all disabled.
Hello, this error is not affecting your gameplay too much, as it is just an alert for a corrupted savegame.
The reason it happened is because whatever mod you had enabled with the skins listed above was not set as a Main Mod.
It shouldn't be much of an issue ^^'

To get rid of it, you could delete the save file, load a new one or just save over this!
How do I save over it? I downloaded the "more costumes" mod and saved with those purchased. How do I un-purchase them?
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Just collect few coins & save your game over that save file.
I can't play the save file without having the mod enabled, though. I really don't want to play the whole game again.
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You can toggle on the Unlock All Missions & Unlock All Rewards hacks and just start a new game. You'll have everything unlocked.
I just started a new game and it says that 0% of the level is complete.
If you use the hacks I sent above, I don't see why the level completion matters as everything is unlocked. I'm not sure how to fix the issue other than the answer I gave in here.
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Maybe someone else knows, I hope ^^