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Horror Roller

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A spooky paintjob for the Honor Roller.

The original idea was to recreate the secret Halloween vehicle from The Simpsons Road Rage (hence the orange colour scheme), but the way the Honor Roller's textures are mapped in Hit & Run make it impossible. Plus, I felt I should give it some original flair.

DownloadThis file is no longer available because of changes to Discord's CDN

Note: The phone booths still show the preview for the original Honor Roller.
Great job! I love halloween themed vehicles 🎃
That looks really good! Like how you decided to add your own flair to it. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!
Cute little idea! This looks wonderful, honestly! I appreciate working around Hit & Run's texture mapping for the Honor Roller to give it a more unique flair. I'd definitely say your effort looks more visually appealing than what Road Rage's take offers!

While Hit & Run's modified main menu screen depending on the clock date was cute, I always missed Road Rage's more diverse Holiday themed cars. There were a lot more present in Road Rage compared to Hit & Run's Holiday menus and actually being able to use the cars in-game made them feel like a cooler novelty. I assume there are some good legitimate reasons for restricting it to the main menu, but it ends up feeling a bit less interesting since the player is more likely to quickly load a save and start playing the game.

Now all we need is Frankenstein Bart!
so i know i shouldn't be bumping this old thread but does anyone have a backup link for this the new year clown car and the christmas longhorn because the links no longer work again sorry for bumping this old thread.
Hi, I got all of them, contact me on Discord for a download link - Just Danny#1578.