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Frankenstein's Sedan

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Cletus has gone on a moonshine binge and made a monster. More specifically, he grafted Moe and Skinner's sedan to make something against the laws of nature.
Commit this sin against humanity and buy it from Gil in Level 1 for Zero Coins (Really, he should be paying you to take this abomination)

Known Issues
>There is a gap in the chassis
>The dashboard tends to disappear from time to time (LOD issue?)
>The brake lights need to be pushed back more

Really, that's just "charm" and not me not knowing what I'm doing but at least Cletus put a sunroof in!

Click here to suffer

Happy Halloween!
I done reckon this is like one of them monster trucks...without them really big tires.

We is riding fine tonight!
Hey anyone remember that Top Gear episode where they have to make Limos and James May gets the front of two cars and welds them together to make two different riding experiences depending where they sit?
Because it's giving me that vibe lmao. Either way good mod man, will check it out sometime!
Cool car! It reminds me the CatDog series but in the form of vehicle)

There must be one setting in the mod that allows you to choose which side of the sedan is front
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Heh, thanks.
I wish I could do something like that but it would probably need Lua scripting or something like that to work
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that could be arranged
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I'm interested..... care to explain?
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yes. I can help you with the settings if you need it, it shouldn't be that hard