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Apu's Pontiac Firebird

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After being unable to find a mod that replaces the Longhorn, a car original to this game, with the Pontiac Firebird that Apu owns in the show, I decided to learn how to make and compile one myself. I want to share it for anyone else that may have or will want this in the future as much as I did! (Includes text and image changes in phonebooth) (I've never done anything like this before so this was definitely a learning experience)
I love to see you had a nice learning experience! Tha car looks awesome, keep these up!
i think maybe the texture on the bonnet is a little too big but good work
This mod is simply amazing, I've been waiting and looking for something like this for along time, I never did like the original design to Apu's Firebird in the game. Great job!

nice. going to use this for sure.
my guess is maybe radical didn't have the rights to reference the a real car in their game? other cars from the show made it in. so it must have been a legal thing i guess.
Looking very good! Apu's red car shows up in at least one other episode, the one where he got married to Majula I think. Next time I play SHAR I am going to try this out.
Outstanding work, it looks just like the car from the show, well done.