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Non-Euclidian Cylinder car

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more like having fun with p3d's funny rendering.
This car has 2 faces, one displays a donut, the other displays Homer's head.
I have no idea why I made this honestly, it seemed fun when I thought of it, nonetheless I wanted to share it on the forums.
You can get this vehicle for free from Gil in level 1.

Download -

i like how homer still blinks.
cool. i would like to figure that effect out in the future for sure.

i am not sure if its the same thing, but off the top of my head i remember the harry potter and the goblet of fire games on console had these collector cards and some of them had a 3d scene in them. You could rotate the card around, and the scene would update to give an illusion of depth.
Lol I see. This effect is actually not that hard to obtain, the mod is decompilable if you'd like to check out the Geometry/Meshes inside the car's p3d file!
On a brief explanation, you'd need a model that has a transparent shader that overlaps the model in the back (eg. the front mesh is homer + the white window, but the window chunk is above the homer one so it will only render the window)
Awesome i learned sometihng.

thank you! sick trick.

This looks really good. Nice job!
Awesome i learned sometihng.

thank you! sick trick.

That's nice, I'm glad others can learn from stuff I make!!

This looks really good. Nice job!

Thank you!
Awesome i learned sometihng.

thank you! sick trick.

Can you pls post this Pure3D file. I need to understand.
Sure no problem, here it is:

it uses maz's euclid car p3d.

the card uses the transparency method plus back-face culling for the one sided card.
to get it looking correct in game. you will need to use the OverideShaderParameters hack on the "question_card_back" shader.

to view it in the editor. make sure back-face is off.

"white_m" is the transparent box surrounding homer's head. i assigned it a blank transparent png file for its texture.. exported to blender you can see the boxes better.

its fun. i think its a similar effect used in the spyro the dragon games, for the portal/gates.
it could be useful for hiding level geometry?