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Sharmp Sumo

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Sharmp Sumo is a mod that has been suggested by @Wavebird in the discord server.
This mod features a custom map with 3 important places:
1) The Arena
2) The Spectator Box
3) A race circuit
Special Thanks:
@Addy (Sharmp Radio)
@Wavebird (Pickup Hearse)

reminds me a bit of this

nice work tho
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I've had people tell me the same thing when I worked on it;
I remember playing that back then and was a very fun & clever one, borrowed the idea of using death triggers as well as the duff ring from there!
I was reminded of this:

Nice work, regardless!
i like how everything is on its own platform. big scale. nice. i find the surrounding area interesting. was it planned to be used for something? i noticed an entry area.
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That area is actually the DM 4 Stadium, I stole it from @Loren and retextured it a little.