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70's Sport Car Trunk Albums

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You can see, that in early version of game there were two unused albums in trunk of 70's Sport Car:
First one is reference to REO Motor Car Company and rock band REO Speedwagon and their R.E.O. Album.
The second one is unknown album, that I can't recognize, so I decided to create this topic. Help find original album cover.
Ah! I had forgotten all about this! I remember the albums catching my attention too when I was looking at the 70's Sports Car textures. I think I approached Lucas about it way back in a private chat, and he managed to find the source? That conversation is a pain for me to find though, so I did some reverse image searching. Managed to find it!

It's the album art for Labyrinth: Read Along Adventure:

The original conversation I had with Lucas was ages back and would be an absolute pain to dig up, so I tried rediscovering it on my own.

I used Waifu2x in order to upscale the car's textures slightly and got this result using the Photo upscaling setting. I then cropped just the album art and used Google Image Search to find it.