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Happy Pranksgiving (Version 1.0)

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It's a couple days early, but here is my mod for the 2021 Thanksgive-a-thon. It took me about 1 ΒΌ days to make. It's called "Happy Pranksgiving".

What's in this Mod?

1. You get to play as bart.
2. 7 collector cards.
3. 3 Story Missions + Tutorial Mission.

New Vehicle
Ferrini - Thanksgiving

Known Issues
A glitch happens when you reset L1 M3.

Merged Post: Download link for Happy Pranksgiving is now available.
I realized that I forgot to put the download link for Happy Pranksgiving. I was extremely busy. The download link is available for playing the mod. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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I think you forgot the download link, unless it's yet to be released.
I think you forgot the download link, unless it's yet to be released.

Yes I forgot. Thank you Maz for pointing that out. The download link should be available.
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2 yrs ago (Statistics)
Sorry but the download link doesn't work for me, it takes me to the home page of

The link got updated and works now, thanks! :)
Another update on the mod. Download link is available, if course. I might release a small update on this mod next week. Mostly to improve gameplay a little bit. So yeah.
I've gotten my chance to play this mod & here's some feedback. (which hopefully helps when you're going to improve the gameplay!)

The main story itself, it was nice & eventful, it was quite confusing as to why there were chase sedans around krusty burger though.

One other thing I have noticed is that the main vehicle doesn't have any sound & camera data. If you're not sure how to add any of that, for the sound you'll have to edit the car_tune.spt script (inside of CustomFiles/sound/scripts/) and for the camera data, you'll have to edit the vehicle's p3d file & edit the (usually first) two Car Camera Data Chunks, change their index to a number between from 97 to 255 (both included) & then set up the a CustomCarSupport.ini file.

I generally think it's a nice mod, but could really be polished a little!