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My problem...on multiple things.

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1: I HATE "*oo*l*", because everything about them are annoying to me, from word, sounding, logo (both old and new), style, and putting their noses in everything for no reason. Just why not "Bing", then? I KNOW they're either not as successful or equally known...but I don't mind THEM as much.

2: I HATE seeing star ratings, especially at max five, because... I feel jealous. I also dislike seeing a high number of ratings and anything else community-wise for other people and things BUT me. Like I'm not worthy of anything. Seriously...

3: Lastly, I HATE the "i" word, which is another meaning for "picture" or "photo". Yes, everything about that I just CANNOT be comfortable with. Anymore.

Please excuse me for writing these explanations in a weird way, but... I have been EXTREMELY annoyed right now by them that popped up into my sight, giving me disastrous mental attacks.
And yes, this is all obviously in connection to autism, because that DOES reside in me. Perhaps the reason why is... I'm not much of an outgoing person myself, but simply living at home, hardly doing anything that's very amusing. Or something. Hey, I never asked for autism in the first place, I was just born with it, that's all. Also the same thing applies when, ever since I was a child, I didn't really like going to, and doing work at, school. Because of that, I told all about it to my mom before, and she gradually understood my issue with school. So she decided to cut half of my time there, and leave home soon for about 12:00-01:00.