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Any way to do a tool-assisted Speedrun?

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Hello everyone, I love speedrunning this game and I see people get better more and more and the speedrun and the route is now very optimized in my opinion but I see nobody doing a full tool assisted speedrun who can be great. I have already seen for example Set to kill or level 1 tas NG+( not optimized). So I want to know if there is a way to do a tool assisted speedrun on the pc game because it's better than the other versions( graphismes, load times, and of course Lucas' Mod Launcher) I want to start a TAS I'm not sure if I can do it but it's great way to improve knowledges on the game. Thanks for the people who can respond to me.
Hey, I'm sorry to reply so late!
I think the easiest way of creating a home-made TAS is by making a macro that would simply play input for you, however it wouldn't be too useful as certain stuff (eg. AI) is not consistent.
If you're good at programming, you could maybe use a JavaScript API made by Tavis 'taviso' Ormandy that your program could request.
Ok thanks for the answer I think I will try to do it on a console version but I don't know if there are any différences between them for a tas.