The Simpsons Hit & Run Return (Remake) | New Update

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Hello everyone again, I hope you are well.

As I always proceed to use a translator, I hope you will excuse me.

Today I will not talk much, I will only share this video where you will see how the project is going and give you an idea of ​​how great it would be if I were to finish it one day, due to my work I have not been able to advance too much, but I promise you the first completely finished level with its missions, mechanics and all the references to the series that it has, even cars and suits.

Without more to say, I say goodbye, and I hope to see you soon with more progress, I also thank you for the support that some of you have given me with your comments.
This looks hella nice. I've been more than crackers about shader changes in OG SHAR, so this so far looks amazing.
GOOD JOB¡ nice friend ;)
@Eddy it probably will not be taken down bc its a mod.

Not released yet!