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How to create a custom car

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how do you make low poly drivers for traffic vehicles in blender?
Apologies, I'm not quite sure I understand the exact specifics of the question you're asking?

If you just want a really low polygon model that represents someone driving the car, you should be able to snag it from a pre-existing traffic vehicle. A couple of vehicles present in the vanilla game have the driver models as separate meshes from the car (such as cMilk), but this isn't always the case (such as with the cCell vehicles or minivanA). In cMilk's case, you can probably just add that mesh to your car using P3D Editor. Blender should also allow for you to copy and paste part of a mesh into another mesh if you prefer the character model design of another vehicle.

I should note however that you'll likely want to modify the P3D file further to make sure the driver position locator is not in the same area the character model is. This shouldn't be an issue if you're using a pre-existing traffic vehicle as a base, but if it's completely custom, try to make sure those don't overlap.
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how do you add them in the Unlock All Reward Vehicles Cheat From The Phone Booth? For Example sportsC or wagon_v.
Assuming you're referring to the 'Unlock All Reward Vehicles' cheat that's input in the Options Menu, I believe that menu is hardcoded? It ignores the unused Audi TT and the Husk vehicles and currently can't be modified with any available hacks.

If you need the cheat to quickly test out a car that's not unlockable through normal means (or is part of a traffic group), you can probably create an edited level.mfk and leveli.mfk for the Level you're in to set the car that you have when you load the Level be the one you want to test. You'd need to edit the appropriate LoadDisposableCar line in level.mfk, and the appropriate InitLevelPlayerVehicle line in leveli.mfk. Once done, this is the car that you'll start out with when you load the Level from warping there using Level Select or from resuming/starting a save in the Main Menu. This will not replace the vehicle in the Phonebooth. For example, if you were to edit the default Family Sedan car in Level 1 to be sportsC by changing the LoadDisposableCar line and the InitLevelPlayerVehicle line accordingly and head to Level 1, that will be the car that appears when you load/start a save. However, it won't be available from the Phonebooth and the Family Sedan will still be present instead since that's handled separately in the rewards.mfk file mentioned in the tutorial.

Apologies for the trouble! I understand this isn't completely ideal, but should allow you to quickly test if the car 'works' for whatever cases you have.
Well this was helpfull for me to learn while making a mod that replaces the Canyonero sound with its theme song.