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Character pack - future versions

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I've decided to finally share the models for the future incarnations of several characters that I made last year. Unfortunately, I never got around to converting them to p3d so the files are objs. Feel free to use them in any mods, and please do, as it took a while to make them all and I would love to see them in a project.

The characters are as follows, based on their appearances in the following episodes:
Homer - Lisa's Wedding
Marge - Lisa's Wedding
Bart - Lisa's Wedding
Lisa - Lisa's Wedding
Maggie - Lisa's Wedding
Smithers - Lisa's Wedding
Principal Skinner - Lisa's Wedding
Otto - Lisa's Wedding
Moe - Lisa's Wedding
Patty - Lisa's Wedding
Selma - Lisa's Wedding
Krusty - Lisa's Wedding & Bart to the Future - same appearance in both episodes
Ralph - Bart to the Future
Nelson - Bart to the Future
Flanders - Bart to the Future
Barney - Bart to the Future
Lenny - Bart to the Future
Carl - Bart to the Future
Kearney - Bart to the Future
Groundskeeper Willie - Future Drama
Snake - Future Drama
Apu - Holidays of Future Passed
Professor Frink - Days of Future Future
Chief Wiggum - The Rise and Fall of Bartholomew J. Simpson (comic story)
Dr. Nick - The Rise and Fall of Bartholomew J. Simpson
I really love these, especially Otto & Kearney. Such a good share!
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Update: they are now P3Ds! The original link has been replaced with the new files. Some characters have minor joint issues which hopefully shouldn't be a problem. "Maggie (Lisa naming)" is Maggie with Lisa's name internally e.g. "lisa_h_merged" so she can be inserted over Lisa just by renaming the file.
These are pretty good so far!