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replace Kamp Krusty with Kamp Koral for Annoy Squidward level 3 idea

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I dont know if anyone will read this, or if some other idea was already chosen, but replacing Kamp krusty with Kamp Koral, come on its literally perfect. At bare minimum you could just swap the text on the sign and it would still fit. Plus it would be a way for the mod to reference the new movie and that weird Kamp Koral spinoff show.

Kamp Krusty in vanilla:

Kamp Koral/Camp Coral pic for reference:

shoot its been a while. are the images working? If they arent I’ve forgotten how this works.

heres some links to the images if they arent.

Kamp Krusty in vanilla:

Kamp Koral pic from the wiki for reference:
As far as I know, the author of Annoying Squidward isn't really around here anymore. I don't know if they browse this forum anymore, there's a chance they do but keep in mind you might not get a direct answer from them.