Bus stop destruction mod

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What is this mod?

Do you dislike milk trucks bus stops? Me too! Join Snake and Fat Tony in destroying like 50 or 100 or so i forgot of those dastardly things and remember, its definitely a crime and you will be going to jail.

Was this mod inspired by anything?

No this is a totally original mod nobody has ever made or released before any similarities are, probably, not intentional.


Main mode (mission 0): In this mode you get given the amount of minutes it takes to firmly hard boil and egg plus two minutes to destroy some stops. like, 30 or 40 or something i cant be bothered to check seconds is added for each stop you destroy
Endless mode (mission 1): In this mode you also get given the amount of time i said before with 35 seconds added but it does not stop at 100, probably. idk i never played this mod , try to go as far as you can, or dont! You can access this either by beating mission 0 or having the unlockallmissions hack and accessing through the bookscrap.

There is also multiple settings for this mod, including:

Disable hit & run: this puts the cops in wheelchairs so they can't chase you
Allow Halloween holiday traffic overwrite: This changes the traffic but like only sometimes
Traffic settings: these include too many probably, more than the other option, kinda not that many and custom. This changes the types of cars spawned in traffic , custom lets you use any car BUT you have to use filenames, e.g. famil_v or phone_v.
bus stop mode: This is a special mode which makes all the traffic bus stops. This also gets rid of the symbol at the top of the main milk truck. Blame Butterapple for this one as he made every single shar mod in existance. Or blame Lucas for making SHAR

Smaller features:
Armoured Snake_v, regular bandit wouldn't be strong enough, well it would but it would be really annoying.
Lines for fat tony, taken from the show at varying qualities. Also all tied to snake so they will happen whether or not fat tony is in the vehicle, this is because modding is hard and dumb.

Special thanks:

Adelaide For Doing roughly half the coding, butterapple for the milk mode idea and a 4 year old comment and Maz For doing all the Lua coding

Other resources used

Lorens additional character resources


Pictures that arent very good tbh:

Happy april first