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The Backrooms

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How will Bart Simpson escape the backrooms? How did he get there? Is there anybody else in there?
It's up to you to find Bart's escape!
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2 yrs ago (Statistics)
Great Horror Game and I caught by Creepy Homer, lol.

I have a little question, it should be a nice idea to put Chase A.I. Monster or Siren, even with jumpscare in the Maze, so what do you think?
oh do that like the witch car in level7
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I don't really think an AI car (with a character model) would be really good in here, mainly because in SHaR, AI is so poorly designed and just bumps into walls most of the time.
I would have to add road nodes for it to use very little bit of pathfinding logic but that's still not worth it.
I like this one! 0:
[deleted user]
1 yr ago (Statistics)
It's absolutely endless, you can't find the exit at all.
Bart honestly seems the most likely to get stuck in the backrooms.