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There should be a fully connected map for Annoy Squidward

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Ya know that AMAZING mod by nightbane called Annoy Squidward. its a SpongeBob mod and I REALLY love it its better then the normal Simpsons hit & run in my opinion. so it would be Really cool if you could use fully connected map with it. because there so much places in both of the levels and being able to COMBINE THEM seem AMAZING. so nightbane if your reading this maybe consider making Annoy Squidward compatible with fully connected map?. I'm sure EVERYONE would love it and it would be so much fun to explore :)
That would be neat, don't get me wrong, but there are some unavoidable roadblocks:
  • Annoy Squidward L3 is far from finished and its development is currently on hold.
  • As far as I'm aware, tools used in creation of Fully Connected Map are not publicly available. (and I doubt they will be)
  • Even if AS L3 was finished and entire map was "converted" (it's immensely complicated) to FCM, there would still need to be some content for it (talking AT LEAST a plot, 7 story missions, street races, etc.)
Not saying it's completely impossible for AS "FCM edition" to happen, it's just highly unlikely in the near future.
#Weasel on a Stick i know right? would be real fun. hey arnt you one of the people who helped nightbane with the mod? i forget what you did but Great Job lol
maybe you could give my idea to nightbane? that would be sick