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Test Maps

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Radical left three test maps in the vanilla game, never to be finished, used, or seen... until now.

This mod makes them replace Levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively, with additional Phone Booths and Wrenches that weren't there previously. You can drive any of the vanilla Level default vehicles or the redbrick. Use Mission Select to warp between the maps.

I'd like to thank Lucas Cardellini, who's Flat Map was used as a starting point for this.

Requires at least version 1.18 of the mod launcher. Is compatible with the Demo game release. Is decompilable.


1.0 (14th April 2022)
  • Initial release.

2.0 (16th April 2023)
  • General standardisation, optimization and functional improvement.
  • Better support for 3D Phone Booth Previews.
  • Better Bonus Game support.
  • Now makes use of the No Introduction Movies and Unlock All Missions hacks.


An unused map, even as a test or demo mode with a short map only a free driving test but nothing special.
(Maybe in the very early version of this Unused Map beforeā€¦)