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Slender: The Eight Pages mod v1.0

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Collect 8 pages around the woods

Based on Slender: The Eight Pages


You walk around as homer and find 8 pages around the woods to win. If you bump into slender man you loose.

This is a mod i've had laying around for a while. It's needs some polishing. Slenderman sort of follows you. The tree collision is meh. Some of them you can walk through. It's decompliable so you can play around with the files and make a better version. The map is alright I mocked it up myself and added some simpsons hit and run models to it. Pretty happy with how the HUD turned out. It was fun making it.



Amazing mod!
i hope five night’s at freddy’s will be the next mod
o_o oh my
Lmao your mods never fail to impress me, there's no words to how much I like this
This mod is absolutely amazing. Great work.
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1 yr ago (Statistics)
If you fail the mission homer's tuba cues will play normally

great mod