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Favorite S.H.A.R Mods?

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Hello, Dountmunch here, was just curious to know what mods were some of your favorites? I 'd liked to know what people have to say and so I can try out some good mods. Please do share.
Hello! My favourite mod is Some Challenge Mod (Remake Version)
Hi there! There are a bunch of different mods people enjoy differently, kind of depends on you. For mission mods, my personal favorites are @Colou 's Storm Over Springfield and @Borb 's Easter mod 2.
I also enjoy some that aren't just mission mods, which are @tay's Slender: The Eight Pages and my own Dynamic Tuning.
You can find more mods in the play history. Good luck finding some mods that you'll enjoy, and have great fun!
hello Dountmunch, my favorite mod is the "Donut Mod". But now I'm really looking forward to the "Futurama Hit And Run" mod, I'm sure that after its release it will be my favorite) By the way, as always, I write through a translator, so sorry for the mistakes
hi my favorite mod was Bart's Birthday made by maz its a mod that i was waiting to play to realease
mabey the mod will realase next week im so happy to play this mod when is fully realase
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Hi my favorite mod is Some Law Enforcement Mod because finale is the best mission in the game.
I like the "Fully Connected Map" mod, and the upcoming "Donut Mod" with custom Level 4 map.

I'd like to see a mod based on The Simpsons Movie, with an entirely custom Springfield map that's trapped in the Dome.

Notable features would include:
Having the Simpsons House at the edge of the Dome with the Maggie's Sandbox Sinkhole reference.
Frink's drill just outside the Dome.
Springfield Gorge (Reusing the Gorge from Road Rage would be acceptable).
The KBBL Tower used to reach the Rope to escape the Dome.
The Church and Moe's Tavern being next to each other.
Most of Springfield will be in disarray except for the School.
The Russ Cargill Screen projection on the Dome.
Lake Springfield with the Blockade and Picket Signs.
Lard Lads shut down by the health inspector.
A interior for Krusty Burger, with a censored Bart stuck to the outside of the window.
And any other reference that would work for this Trappuccino Mod.

I'd make this mod myself if I could have the patience to learn how to make map mods for this game.
In no particular order it'd probably be:

Operation: Think of the Children by jay_mate
The geometry is great and artistically the custom map still feels like something the original devs would have crafted for the game. Great missions and the entire premise being based around the what-if of an episode's ending is perfect.

Late Night at the Kwik-E-Mart by Kenny Giles
When this had been shown to me through screenshots by Kenny himself this mod was quite unique at the time. It was one of the first with its own unique art direction, which admittedly I ripped off when I made Mischievous Night. A lot of the mods at the time like TOS, Some Challenge Mod, Speedy Simpsons were all still stylistically in line with the base game with very few custom UI changes. This mod had real personality at the time, I remember loving how the interface frames were white, the msnicons were rounded squares with white frames instead of yellow ones and all the custom background colours in the icons were unique. The missions as per any Kenny Gile mission were great and fun to play. It's a top tier SHAR mod.

Road Rage Returns by Donut Team
I remember waking up one morning before I had to head to college and this had just come out and seeing a custom map in the SHAR engine for the first time on a large scale like the first Road Rage map was amazing. SHAR modding has come a long way since but I loved the collectibles, the way that these maps felt in a more open-world game engine.

Donut Mod (of course) by DonutTeam
Reason we're here.

Crazy Taxi by Duffhause
Hats off to the guy for programming a functional taxi system akin to the actual Crazy Taxi game. IMO this is one of the most technically impressive mods released.
Fully Connetend Map , halloween version and night variant