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A Long Long Night

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Bart is throwing the biggest party in Springfield! Drive around town like it's the 80's! Enjoy the Synthwave and get the party started!


  • 8 Story Missions
  • New Bonus Mission
  • 3 New Street Races
  • New Test Drive Wager Race
  • New Collectibles
  • New Vehicles
  • Two difficulty modes - Normal and Hard
  • Partially Synthwave inspired map and HUD
  • Level-ution after completing Mission 3.
  • 3 New Costumes


  • Thomas "Hipporeno" Donofri
  • Surreal Bot


  • Derpster
  • Kenny Giles
  • Nightbane
  • Tappie
  • Weasel on a Stick

Special Thanks

  • Donut Team - 3D Phonebooth Previews
  • Duffhause - Scripting and Modeling assistance.
  • JoshuaL2153 - Ferrari Enzo & Porsche Spyder ports
  • Macca - Night sky, buildings, music, Ferrini ports
  • xUnknown - Lambo port, Police car port, Ferrari F40 port, & Bakery Van port
  • Weasel On A Stick - Blender Assistance.
  • Wiliam - Ferrini Ports



This modification already includes both 3D Phone Booth Previews & HUD Tweaks.
I think this is mod is very cool, though seeing stock/ modified Hit And Run vehicles alongside the more shiny original vehicles is quite jarring, would have been cool if all the vehicles were replaced (like Homer having a 70s Plymouth Barracuda and Snake having a 60s Dodge Charger, to name a few examples). And not sure how I feel about the Porsche 918 and Ferrari Enzo being included, as they were released after the 80s. Also, maybe it's just me but Bart seems more like a Ferrari person, driving something like a Testarossa or a F40.
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My blender skills during the project were not the greatest, leading all the vehicle ports to be done by others. Hell the Enzo and 918 were given to me because I asked for help. Maybe a future update could make those kinds of changes. A director's cut if you will.
I love this mod. There's no experience that comes close to this. I replay it a lot!.

I was wondering if you do mod requests? I love the handling and stats of the Ferrari F40. Can you take the stats, handling, the way it drives but into a standalone Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 that you can buy from Gil in Vanilla SHAR? A standalone mod of a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 that drives exactly like the Ferrari F40 (maybe buff the durability to 3 stars, Mitsu's are bulletproof), but also with a Mitsubishi Rally Livery ( like a professional rally car, ill provide examples). Ill actually pay to get my favorite car into my favorite game.