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Card Locations

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I've noticed that in the Donut Mod, the collector cards were placed in different locations than in the real game. Can you please tell me how to do this?
This is assuming you've created a mod folder already with meta.ini and such already set up, and you know the basics of the p3d editor and such. I'm also not really sure if this is the proper way to do it but it's the way I know how:
-In the your mod folder, edit leveli.mfk (in whatever level you want new cards) to have this line:


(You can replace "cardss" with whatever you want; it just can't be "cards" because there's a file already existing called that.
-Copy the level you're editing's level.p3d, rename it to "cardss.p3d" or whatever you called it in level.mfk, then delete everything in it.
-Open one of the level terrain files, such as "l1r3" (this one has a collector card in it; find it, then copy it into "cardss.p3d"
-Rename "Card13" to "Card11" - this is the first card in level 1. In the Unknown and Unknown 2 boxes, type in "Card11"
-In game, go to where you want to place your collector card. Then hit From Game within the p3d editor, and set the locator as well so that it triggers.
-Hopefully everything works for you the same it did for me!
It works! Thank you!