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Can't use the launcher with the french version of the game

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Hello world !

I've been trying to play SHAR for a while, but I can't use the launcher.

After installation, the launcher asks me to copy the Movie folder and the Dialogs.rcf.
They are there, but since it's the french version, the "dialogs.rcf" is actualy called "dialogf.rcf".
If I rename it, the game is actualy in spanish.

What can I do to change the game language whitout the game telling me I miss files that are there ?


It works when launching the game with "lancer.bat" in the game folder
If you're using the French version of the game, your executable should be the French version and the dialog file should be dialogf.rcf

French Installation:
- If you need a copy of French executable:
- If you need a copy of French dialogf.rcf:

You'll need both a French executable and a dialogf.rcf file to play the game in French.

You will also need this mod to play other mods that do not support French by default:

Enable it in the mod launcher when playing any mods.

English Installation
If you're looking to play the game in English, here are some links for you:

- If you need a copy of the English executable:
- If you need a copy of the English dialog.rcf file:

With the English installation, you will not need the mod to support other languaged mods.

If you would prefer the Spanish version, I also have those files somewhere but they're not readily available, so let me know if you need those.

Because the executable is useless without the content of the game, I've supplied both the French and English versions as "Cracked" versions. Meaning you will not need to have a disc inserted to play the game.

Jake Andreoli