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Itchy & Scratchy: Content Fillers (Mod Jam 2022 Submission)

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I actually decided to participate.. which may or may not be good!
Presenting to you, the classic mouse & cat duo from the old age - Tom & Jerry! I mean, Itchy and Scratchy.. in their very iconic vehicles that they totally drive in the show!
This mod contains:
  • Very few missions 🤓
  • Violence
  • (more or less) Weapons
  • More violence
  • A (lazily) designed custom map
  • A (not) very colorful tint!
  • An intro that I am prouder of, than I am of the mod!
Additionally, this mod has a bunch of good o' classic songs for you to enjoy!



I took about 2 days to work on this mod, I was very busy most of the month. I don't necessarily think this is that good of a mod, given I had more time to work on it, but I still wanted to bring something unique to the competition!

Download here! (reuploaded because there was a crash during the credits 🤓)

This was... magical.

Thanks for having me finally play with those two critters! I recently proposed an idea on reddit about having them around in the actual game, I can attest you finally made them playable so there's finally room to work on some more mods about them, which this game is sadly sorely lacking =/
If you wanna get in contact with me about this I'd be very happy! It's not gonna take you more than half an hour to make it if it took you only two days to do this.
Also where di you get those models? I found some files of them on steam workshop that the author said he extracted from the fmv's of the game but I don't remember them being there with the standard "skin", just the lost episode's outfit
Hey there! First I want to thank you for the time you took to write this, it's always nice to see some feedback!
The models for Itchy & Scratchy come from this framework, @Borb and I made them!
I could quickly put together a mod that replaces Homer & Bart with the two when I get at my PC if you'd like me to.
Have a great day!
hi! thanks, I'd really like that for sure, but I also had an idea for a mod that adds more content for them I think you'd resonate well with the concept, check it out on mod suggestions, we may cooperate on that! =)
I'm trying to learn modding so I can start working on it

I'm enjoying this Mod Itchy & Scratchy: Content Fillers, and I do a speedrun of Mission 1 & 2, except Mission 3 it was made my Semi-Speedrun, and btw, Nice Mod :)

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1 yr ago (Edited 1 year ago)
it was 1 of the more creative mods I've played, and in just 2 days??? you're awesome!