Green Family Sedan

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Ahoy-hoy, some people might remember this cursed animation error, some not.
If by any reason you want a green family sedan, here you go!
You can get this car for free from Gil in level 1
more screenshots


If for some reason the link above doesn't work, try it on Firefox or try this alternative link.
what the episode ?
what the episode ?

Could someone possibly get me a p3d file of that?
Apologies, but I believe extracting the car's P3D should be possible as both URLs that function as download links appear to be working. What is it that you were having issues with?
No issue I just wanted to replace the original family sedan P3D file if you have it
Ah! Alright. My apologies! I have to head into work, but I do want to try to answer your question.

To decompile the mod, you'll have to right click the mod in your Mod Launcher, choose the 'Decompile...' option, choose where you'd like to extract it, and then navigate to where gFamil.p3d is located. However, Maz did a little bit of extra work on their part, and made this little meme vehicle mod it's own separate vehicle from the original Family Sedan (famil_v.p3d).

So basically, you can't just drag and drop it to replace the original Family Sedan normally. You'd have to re-name the car so it has it's original skeleton name back, fix the 'suspension' skin that was added, change the car index number back to the original '4', and then re-name the P3D appropriately. Most of these steps have to be done using Lucas' P3D Editor.

Due to the simple 'meme' categorization of the mod, I assume Maz would be comfortable with the P3D being shared on it's own, so I went ahead and quickly renamed the car back and uploaded it to my personal Google Drive account. You can grab it here. All you'd have to do is change the file name to 'famil_v.p3d', and drop it in art/cars.

As a quick footnote, I would highly advise against directly replacing the original game files if that's your intention. You can also just drop the modified famil_v in a mod directory's 'art/cars' folder and play the game with the Green Sedan immediately available to you. Yay, off-model goodness!
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Kenny Giles I have the original famil_v saved but when I went on the game with the green sedan it crashed
My apologies! The issue was negligence on my part. Maz's new Green Family Sedan adds a 'suspension' skin that references the old internal car name 'gFamil'. As a result, the game would crash trying to find this skeleton. It's also crucial this is re-named as well (or alternatively, the Green textures are simply exported and then re-imported into a fresh famil_v.p3d). This also made me realize that my modified P3D did not properly re-modify the internal car index reference (it was still 227 when it should be 4 - like the original Family Sedan).

I went ahead and re-updated the link. Please try to download the P3D again and use this one instead. I'm also updating my instructions for anyone else reading this thread so they're no longer inaccurate.