1st mission Preview! (Oscar Mod Pack)

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I notice that some of the mod appears to be using sound assets from Annoy Squidward (namely the SpongeBob 'Weee!' heard early on). Are those placeholder sounds, or nada? I assume if you had permission to reuse the Giant Snowglobe map that you plan on using for Level 2, it shouldn't be much of an issue, but I am curious if that'll be replaced with your own voice acting later down the line.

This certainly looks interesting regardless. The imported models look pretty well done and it's neat to see a mission pack of this kind with sort of an overarching narrative. Do you have any rough estimates of when you might expect completion of the demo or the full mod?
Umm...if I were to think... if 5 missions are finished, remade all of the voice lines for the character because they were a bit quiet and I do plan to replace those Spongebob lines. Check if everything is working fine, and add some finishing touches...the demo should be out in 1 to 2 weeks from now. :3