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Treehouse of Horror XIII (Mod Request)

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Hi everybody! last night I was playing The Simpsons Hit and Run and something gave me a funny little idea for a mod, when somehow this happen in my game.
my idea is to have what character you play as to be homer, every NPC to be homer, like the civilians walking around are homer, you get the idea, everyone is homer! to simulate the idea of Treehouse of Horror XIII of the homer clones. I just thought that be funny to see.
jajjjaajajajaj great job
But one of the NPCs has to be Tracy Ullman Homer, and one Peter Griffin too. But yeah, would love this mod. Especially if they all used Homer's voice lines too.
So basically it's like that segment of treehouse of horror 13 where there's a clone of homers especially a cameo of Peter Griffin and Tracey Ullman Homer
Really neat idea! Treehouse of Horror XIII is my favorite Treehouse of Horror, and I love the Homer Clones segment.