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Springfield Racing League (SHAR:MP)

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Presenting the new incorporation of the SRL (Springfield Racing League), as a project of PROTON, to provide a bunch of new experiences within the world of SHaR, generating as many internal competitions and community events as possible, to get to know the multiplayer mode of this game & grow a community around it. A new rank "Springfield Racing League" has also been implemented, which will serve as a way to inform people about the upcoming events related to the SRL and other future projects of PROTON. We hope that you will be as interested as the other people that have already joined PROTON for this purpose!

With this, we want to to be like a ''bridge'' for the shar:mp project, so maybe, just maybe it gets more players and with that, it can be revivied in some way by the dev.

here are some examples of what i want to do in here, that i did before in GTA V:

and here is one of our latest Cops & Robbers Event:

In this post, i will keep updating of what we are working on, stuff like tracks, championships and events. hope you guys can join us.

1st official meeting of the SRL, where we will test an entire race with its qualifying session and practice for later grilling, all those interested in participating are totally welcome. (for more information on how to download the game or how to participate, you can contact us through the private channel of the SRL)

Count me in
Sesion de practica previa a la FERRINI WORLD CUP, donde se tendra un grupo de carreras con los corredores presentes donde se podra practicar previamente en el circuito de Shelbyville y prepararse para la comptencia oficial.


Practice session prior to the FERRINI WORLD CUP, where there will be a group of races with the racers present where you can practice beforehand on the Shelbyville circuit and prepare for the official competition.

mas informacion / more info:

1 day late.