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Night-Mod Reignited - v1.0

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The newest mod from Nightbane is here!

Night-Mod Reignited is a mod that, despite its title, has absolutely nothing to do with the original Night-Mod!
Never play the original mod, though, that's a warning.

In this mod, you play as... me, well, a fictional version of me that is characterized as an absolute loser. Play through 8 story missions, 3 challenges and 1 special bonus mission and attempt to get everyone back to jail!

Watch the mod trailer!

This mod received a lot of help from my friends, special thanks to Hell Inspector, Tappie, Weasel on a Stick, and others for being awesome and providing animations, textures, sounds, models, and general improvements for me to use in this mod! As well as my voice actors!

Hell Inspector
Thomas Donofri

Special thanks to for being very useful for characters I couldn't just have a voice actor for, as well as the guys who made the Spider-Man movies, because using Tobey Maguire voiceclips is the only way to have Spider-Man in your mod.



Download Here!
OMG FREE ROBUX I gotta try this out
That's wonderful!
Wow, this is a great mod!! 😁
Oh my God Ronald McDonals, i can´t believe it. I will download it right now. :)
[deleted user]
1 yr ago (Statistics)
Nightbane in night-mod reignited music with cops is super.
[deleted user]
1 yr ago (Statistics)
Good mod.