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The Simpsons Hit & Run: The Definitive Edition (Remake) | New Update

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Hello everyone!... For those who don't know I'm developing a Remake completely from scratch in unity, I know that some of the forum are a little anxious to know how the project is going, so here I leave this video where you can see the progress . Thanks to Reubs, who is supporting me financially, this project is possible and can be finished.

Finally, I also want to thank those who have helped me on the discord server with concerns that have been generated and also to the people who have left me a message of support.

I hope to have more progress very soon
I'm such a sucker for those Kwik-E-Mart doors, I LOVE them. Everything looks lovely, really, and I am happy to see you did more than just porting the base map as is.
The animations look so goofy and I love that, they embody the aesthetic.

I noticed there's a bug related to your radar, when you get inside a vehicle but I assume you already know of it.

Great job anyway, I can't wait to see more of it, especially mission-related.
Good luck with your project!
Everything looks so amazing, but you've sold me on just the fully detailed minimap alone.

On a similar subject, one thing I've always wanted this game to have, is a full map to view in the pause menu, with Icons for:
Phone Booths
Clothing Stores
Vehicle Stores
Collector Cards
And anything else I missed out

It's just something I've always felt is missing from this game, considering all the other open world games have one.
I LOVE YOUR WORK, I really do!
I just love it, I have a question for you tho,
This game will use the fully connected map??
The quoted post is unavailable.

wait so will it be playable soon?
Nice to finally see a update but project like this is slow process but ambitious one just like Futurama hit and run. only two people is remastering this game with better quality but no new features. Korylon and the Spanish guy on YouTube. my only wish someone reverse engineered this into a standalone iOS game converted into ipa just like SM64. what a blessing that game was. cant wait for a demo in future
Apologies to be the bearer of bad news here, but it appears Korylon's using the name and logo of a project I have been working on with several others for a year now.

Admittedly Korylon did make the logo for our project, but did not approach me prior in regards to this, and I've only found out now.
Have you tried reaching out to Korylon through Discord again or another form of contact, such as their YouTube channel where the video was uploaded? They have several other forms of social media also linked on their main YouTube page. There's a good chance they might see this being brought to their attention more quickly through there.

Given the user's collaboration with reubs on another remastered Hit & Run project, I imagine they wouldn't mind some sort of collaboration to brain storm a different logo and name to avoid confusion with yours? I do notice that they had an earlier work in progress name seen in earlier videos.

I apologize for not noticing this earlier myself. I do recall your topic from earlier, but I failed to notice that both projects were using the same name.
The quoted post is unavailable.

I tried reaching out to Korylon, but they proceeded to unfriend me and ignore my attempts to talk to them.

Prior to this, I was already collaborating with them for their project and our own; theirs was called Hit & Run Return before they decided to take our name and logo. I was also chatting with Reubs in regards to our project, who had went radio silent around the same time as Korylon.