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Where is the unique programming for "Ferrini - Black" not getting abducted by the spaceship in Level 7?

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All the other cars get abducted by the spaceship in Level 7 if you drive on the huge green light beam under it, then the car is released to the ground and is instantly destroyed. But not "Ferrini - Black" (accessible by turning on the bonus cars cheat and pressing F2 inside a phone booth). Where is the programming which makes it so this particular car doesn't get abducted?
Not sure if this is quite the answer you're looking for, but the Black Ferrini is hardcoded to ignore the tractor beam properties. I presume it was added to make the car's spawning location in L7M2 (Long Black Probes) and L7M7 (Alien "Auto"topsy Part III) more logical.

It is possible still to give this property to other cars for a mod, however. You'd want to use the 'Abductable' variable in the Custom Car Support hack. As an example, putting this in your CustomCarSupport.ini would make the Family Sedan impossible to abduct (nothing happens when driving underneath the tractor beam):


You can also set on a case-by-case basis if you want a bit more control inbetween missions using the SetStageVehicleAbductable command.
Ah yes, thanks. I also did it the reverse way by making cBlbart abductable!