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The Ghost Sedan

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This is going to be a part of my main mod, The Simpsons - Enhanced Edition, unfortunately it will be a while until V1.7 of that mod is released. So if anyone wishes to use this in their mods to or simply just play around with it, feel free!.

The Ghost Sedan shares the same stats as the 70's Sports Car and can be purchased from Gil in Level 7 for 500 coins. The car shares the same sound as the Ghost Ship from Level 7 and does not leave any skid marks, I mean, why would it? Being Ghostly an' all.




The car looks best in the phonebooth when combined with "3D Phonebooth Previews" as the 2D car images were thrown in pretty quickly and are low resolution.

Download Pre-Decompiled:

Nice Job, Montenstein!
Cool work!