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The Simpsons - Enhanced Edition V1.2.7 (Discontinued for the foreseeable)

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The Simpsons - Enhanced Edition (V1.2.7)

Temporary Development Hiatus


Unfortunately due to employment commitments and other personal life related scenarios, I am discontinuing the development of this mod. This is not to say I never aim to return to it, However I feel labelling it as discontinued at this current point in time is the most accurate thing to do. I aim to eventually return and continue progress sometime within the next few months. Any questions feel free to reach me on Discord.

The Enhanced Edition is a mod that I have and will be working on for quite some time. Do not think of this as a complete overhaul with brand new missions and a different story, the aim is to provide a quality extension to the classic game. The plan is to tackle each level at a time, working chronologically. Experience a unique instance of the fully connected map for all levels including the Halloween Variant for level 7, extra costumes, new cars and fully functioning missions!

What's new in V1.2.7?

Level 2

-All missions including the bonus mission have been edited and are fully functional-V1.2
-2 Extra Costumes for Bart- V1.2
-New Wasp and Card Locations- V1.2
-25 interactive Gags- V1.2
-The Gamble Race if fully functional- V1.2
-The 3 main street races are all fully functional- V1.2

Miscellaneous and Patches

-Fixed the awful seat mesh for the Nerd Car and the Geo Metro- V1.2
-Ned is now set as the driver for the Geo and suppressed in Level 1- V1.2

-Fixed the missing wasp in Level 2 V1.2.5
-Removed crates, vending machines and coins from spawning in Levels 2 and 3. See Below under "Known Issues" V1.2.5

-Fixed the missing checkpoint in Street Race 1 Level 2- V1.2.7
-Added Apu as an ambient character to the Kwik E Mart interior in Level 2- V1.2.7
-Reduced the timer on Mission 6 Level 2, now you will have 2 minutes to collect all the monkeys- V1.2.7
-Fixed a custom text error that caused mission 7 of level 2 to tell you to "Talk to Ned" instead of "Drive to the Stadium"- V1.2.7

Read through the complete version histories here: (Up to V1.2.7)

What to expect in the next Version (V1.3)

Level 3

-Added an extra Costumes for Lisa- (Completed)
-Knight Boat in Gil's store- (Completed)
-Level 3 Card Locations- (Completed)
-Add 20 interactive Gags and adjust settings in Level Progress- (Completed)
-Add the Station Wagon as a reward for Street Races- (Complete)
-Move Book Burning Van to Gil's store- (Complete)
-Level 3 Wasp Locations- (Complete)
-Level 3 Bonus Mission- (0/1)
-Level 3 Missions- (0/7)
-Level 3 Gamble Race- (0/1)
-Level 3 Street Races- (0/3)

Special Thanks and Credits

None of this would be possible if not for these creators, show your love!

Colou - Fully Connected Map
The Donut Team - 3D Phonebooth Previews, Costumes
Borb - Costumes
mazexz - Fully Connected Map Halloween, Family Wagon and Zombie Homer (Future Update)

Any questions or feedback is also welcomed on Discord - Montenstein#7460



Reward related issues when updating from a previous Version

There is a chance depending on a few factors, that when upgrading from a previous version of the mod, you may experience reward related bugs. For example, a costume or car you have previously purchased may say it needs purchasing again, despite it saying it is owned in the Level Progress screen. The way around this is unfortunately to start a new game or use the "Unlock All Rewards" hack. I believe this occurs due to the rewards.mfk file being edited in between versions.

Coins, Crates and Vending Machines for Levels 2,3,5,6 and parts of Level 7

Due to there being no way to save prop data loaded for custom map p3d files. I have had to remove all the crates, coins and vending machines from spawning in Level 2 and 3. After V.1.4 is released, V1.5 will also contain this change, as level 5,6 and parts of level 7 also use custom map p3d files. The only levels exempt from this are/will be Levels 1,4 and the original map parts of Level 7. Without doing this, coins, crates and vending machines all respawn. This causes an extreme coin exploit. Due to the added rewards, the only way to legitimately be able to achieve 100% and purchase everything, will be to grind wager races/destroying cars. Alternatively, if you are not planning to earn coins legitimately, I suggest using the "Starting Coins" hack and giving yourself a fair amount of coins when starting a new game, or by using something as classic as cheat engine to obtain the required amount. Unfortunately this is an issue that is most likely to never be made to allow the collection of coins through these means and a feature I'm saddened to have to leave out of the “Enhanced Edition”.

Mod Download: (Updated 11/11/22 at 18:41 GMT)
(It is best to start a new game if updating from a previous version as you may encounter reward related bugs)

Wasp and Card Locations: (Updated 11/11/22 at 11:20 GMT)
This if more for testing purposes than cheating, if you want to find them yourself give it a go!

If you would like to contribute/collaborate towards the mod, feel free to reach out to me on Discord. Of course, any contributions will be fully credited. I am also happy to share the project, if you would like to be a part of it then don’t hesitate to reach out!

Played through a bit of the mod despite knowing it's currently on hiatus. Had a pretty fun time! I haven't grabbed everything, but went through all the Story Missions in Levels 1 and 2. I went ahead and used the separate Google Drive download link to find all the Wasps for Level 1, and haven't bothered with all gags due to the amount present. I haven't played around with the Fully Connected Map too much, so the mod utilizing it plus the intentionally higher difficulty from the base game was a fun way to do that. The mod as a whole feels like a 'Hard New Game Plus Mode'.

I don't have too much to comment on as I'm not quite sure when you'd be interested in resuming development for the time being, but I felt the Fully Connected Map mod usage in the Story Missions got a lot more creative going from Level 1 to Level 2. A lot more missions have their starting locations modified or find ways to bridge into the other maps, for instance. The larger map size is complimented nicely by the larger reward list. I love Borb's custom costumes, and they feel right at home here, nicely adding to that 'extended' feel the mod is aiming for.

I didn't encounter any major bugs either. I only really noticed two pretty minor typos/errors in two separate stage messages, but they were very minor. Curious to see what you have next!
Thanks for the mini review! That's exactly what I'm going for, the main aim at the minute is basically to just get all the missions and races functional, purely so the entire game is playable regardless of the "extra" content. I'm about to update the description as unfortunately the hiatus has been extended.

Once the game is functional, then I'm going to head back in and add more to the missions/change locations to really extend and improve them. I tend to go through the boring/hard parts first, which is why the mod is unusually large already, as I have all the edited files for each individual level already done, basically once the mod is near its final release it will defiantly be worth playing level 2 and onwards again as so much will change and be added.

As for the typos/errors, you'll be happy to know I spotted them whilst playtesting V1.3 and have already been fixed for the next release ^^