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Tutorial: Meta.ini

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Hello! I'm ToMaTeh and I wanted to share some tips to have a Meta.ini with more data.
Although there are already tutorials to use the 'Meta.ini' for mods, I want to say how to modify the text that appears in Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.

Spoiler: Example

Well, the initial and that everyone knows, the basic information of the Meta.ini regarding the mod (Description, version, categories and obviously the title).

Title=Name of your mod
Description=Here is a basic description of the mod idea :)
Category=A category your mod can be associated with, such as action or adventure
Category=the same above

Now, beyond this data we can put more information based on the [Author] function, example:

Spoiler: Example

Well, I will explain what the 'Name', 'Website' and 'Group' are for.
When we put 'Name=' we are in some way telling the code that we want that group to contain, because with the 'Group=' function we create a category where we want the text to appear.

'Website=' is only to place a website or a text in parentheses after the 'Name', it is the same as if you put for example:
'Name=ToMaTeh ('

So, playing around with the functions we can put something like this:


And in the Lucas' Mod Launcher it would look like this:


So, I switch to speaking in Spanish to say something.
Hola, como decía, estas funciones pueden llegar a modificar todo nuestro 'Meta.ini' y si de casualidad hablas español, quieres crear un mod en español para gente que habla español y justo la información como 'Description' o 'Categories' está por obvias razones en inglés, lo que podemos hacer es: usar las funciones anteriormente explicadas para crear todo el Meta.ini en español, por ejemplo:


I hope my guide will help you, as I said, it is a tip that I learned and that I wanted to share because most mods only have the basic information, maybe just because they want it that way or because they don't know how to add more. Until next time. :)
good job my friend.